Steps of refinishing your hardwood floor

- Repairs done as needed

- Sand away exsisting finish and color, even out floor

- Prep for new finish

- Apply stain

- Finish with multiple coats of urethane floor finish

When you need refinishing:

The following are signs that it may be time to get your floors professionally refinished:


- Worn out finish

- Visible traffic patterns

- Damage from normal wear and tear or neglect

- Change of stain color

The right touch

While you can extend the life of your hardwood floors with basic maintenance, foot traffic and normal wear and tear will take its toll over time.


There are circumstances when a full refinishing is not necessary.  Please call or e-mail to schedule an estimate to see if you have other options.

Let the natural beauty of your hardwood floors shine through

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One of our favorite things about hardwood floors is how easy it is to bring them back up to their original shine and luster with just a few simple treatments. Indiana Flooring Specialists LLC offers you a full range of refinishing services.